JeetBuzz affiliate program is a marketing tool aimed at establishing and developing mutually beneficial relationships between a betting company and its partners. JeetBuzz is a well-known betting company based in Bangladesh. The company offers online betting on various sports, primarily cricket, and also offers casino games. It is known for providing its users with some of the most convenient payment options and bonus promotions.

Founded in 2020, JeetBuzz has quickly become the preferred choice for bettors in the region. In addition to sports betting services, the company offers a wide range of casino games and a rewards program for new and loyal customers. The bookmaker operates under a Curaçao gambling license and is managed by Aurora Holdings N.V. With a handy English and Bengali language interface and a wide range of betting options, this bookmaker is the leading gambling site in South Asia.

What is JeetBuzz Affiliate program?

The JeetBuzz affiliate program is a platform for individuals or legal entities to promote the services of the betting company among its audience. For their promotional efforts, partners receive a commission for each successfully attracted player. By joining the program, affiliates have the opportunity to leverage JeetBuzz’s growing reputation in the online betting and gambling industry.

The goal of the program is to expand the user base, and partners benefit financially from their referrals. It’s a win-win situation: The betting company becomes better known and attracts more players, and affiliates receive commissions for their marketing efforts.

Types of JeetBuzz Affiliate partnerships

JeetBuzz offers a variety of affiliate partnerships that are designed to promote growth, empower partners and optimize overall profitability. The essence of each type is to meet the needs of affiliates and offer everyone the opportunity to find a model that fits their needs. Let’s break down these types and review the inherent benefits:

  • Revenue Share: This model is designed for forward-thinkers looking for a stable, long-term partnership. Affiliates receive a percentage of the revenue that the players they refer bring in. The more players they refer to, the higher the income. This is ideal for those partners who have an audience committed to stability and consistency.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): For those who prefer immediate rewards, CPA is the most suitable model. It is simple: partners receive a certain amount of money for each player they refer, provided those players meet certain criteria. If your strategy is to get quick, upfront rewards, this model is the best fit.
  • Hybrid Model: The hybrid model, which is a balanced mix of the two above, provides consistency and responsiveness. Affiliates get the benefits of earning under the Revenue Share scheme and at the same time enjoy CPA. It is an adaptable model designed for those looking for diversified ways to generate income.

Each type of partnership has its own unique benefits. Whether you’re aiming for sustainable growth, immediate profits, or a combination of both, JeetBuzz can help you get there. It’s important to choose the model that fits your goals, which will ensure a fruitful and long-lasting partnership.

Why should you partner with JeetBuzz?

By working with JeetBuzz, partners discover a wealth of opportunities that go beyond mere financial gain. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider such cooperation:

  • Profitable commissions;
  • A reputable brand;
  • Advanced tools;
  • Real-time tracking;
  • Timely payouts;
  • Diverse range of products;
  • Dedicated support;
  • Constant growth.

If you capitalize on these unique opportunities, your revenue will grow as you attract new players. The online bookmaker provides the latest tools to help partners with marketing and make the process interesting and profitable. 

JeetBuzz Affiliate Sign Up Procedure

Signing up for the JeetBuzz affiliate program is nothing complicated. If you want to cooperate with this famous online bookmaker, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the JeetBuzz affiliate program;
  2. Click on the “Sing Up” button, which is located in a prominent place;
  3. Specify a unique username and come up with a strong password;
  4. Select a currency from the offered options and click “Next”;
  5. Enter your personal details: first name, last name, date of birth, phone number and email address;
  6. After filling in this data, you need to enter the verification code;
  7. Complete the registration by clicking the “Sing up” button once again.

After completing the registration, the security service will verify each new partner. Usually such verification takes no more than 24 hours. A confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail address indicating whether your account is active or rejected. 

JeetBuzz Affiliate login instructions

Once you have successfully created a JeetBuzz affiliate account, it will be available to you at any time. To log in, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the JeetBuzz affiliate program website;
  2. Click on the “Login” button;
  3. Enter your username and password;
  4. Click on the “Sing in” button.

If you lose your login details, no need to worry, you can select the “Forgot Password” option for quick recovery or reset and if necessary, contact the support team who are always ready to help you regain access to your account.

What are the best JeetBuzz affiliate products?

JeetBuzz has carved a niche for itself in the affiliate marketing industry not only because of its comprehensive support and lucrative commission structure, but also because of its suite of top-notch affiliate products. These products have been carefully selected to ensure that they resonate with different audiences and have high conversion rates. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular offers:

  • Online casino games;
  • Sports Betting;
  • Live Casino;
  • Virtual Sports;
  • eSports;
  • Mobile Betting..

Each product is not only a potential source of revenue, but also an indication that the online bookmaker is aware of market trends. For partners, this means a higher probability of conversion given the appeal of these products. 

JeetBuzz Affiliate Commission Structure 

The JeetBuzz affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure designed to incentivize affiliates based on performance. The updated model no longer relies solely on the number of players referred, providing a more balanced earning potential for partners.

Active PlayersRevenue Share Percentage

Affiliates also have the opportunity to earn additional commissions. There is an additional incentive that gives an extra 1.5% to your earnings, further increasing your profits. In past promotions, the online bookmaker offered its partners up to BDT 14,000 on initial payouts, regardless of whether the players they invited were from the web version or those who downloaded the App. In addition, the company’s partners had the opportunity to participate in the “Lucky Spins” promotion with an enticing prize pool of BDT 10,000.

Referral Program

The referral program is an integral part of the JeetBuzz affiliate system. Affiliates are able to refer other potential partners to the platform and earn commissions online. For each successful referral, the affiliate receives a certain percentage of the revenue generated by the new affiliate. This tiered system allows existing partners to not only earn from their direct referrals, but also profit from the network they helped build.

Net Profit

The “net profit” commission is calculated based on the total revenue generated from players referred by an affiliate, minus operating and advertising costs. Affiliates receive a percentage of this net profit. This model allows partners to be rewarded for the quality of traffic attracted, not just the quantity.

JeetBuzz Affiliate program benefits

The JeetBuzz affiliate program is carefully designed for affiliates of all levels, giving them all the tools and support they need to succeed. It offers the following benefits:

  • Multiple types of partnerships;
  • Profitable commission structure;
  • Passive income opportunities;
  • Real-time performance tracking;
  • Provision of marketing resources;
  • Specialized support.

With such extensive benefits, it’s no wonder that JeetBuzz is quickly becoming the top choice for many beginners and experienced affiliates alike.


The JeetBuzz affiliate program is a combination of reliable tools, an attractive commission structure, and a dedicated support team. It’s not just about earning commissions, it’s about creating a sustainable, growth-oriented partnership. As the field of sports betting and gambling continues to grow, partnering with an online bookmaker like JeetBuzz becomes essential for those looking to succeed and advance in the industry. The program’s comprehensive approach ensures that each affiliate, whether a newcomer or an experienced player, is optimized to succeed and realize their goals.


How to join the JeetBuzz affiliate program?

You can join the program by visiting the official JeetBuzz website and going to the partner registration section.

Are there any costs associated with participating in the program?

No, there is no cost to participate in the JeetBuzz affiliate program.

How are commissions calculated?

Commissions are based on the number of active players referred and can range from 20% to 35%.

Do I need a website to participate in the affiliate program?

While having a website can be helpful for promotion, it is not always a requirement. Affiliates can promote products and services through other channels, such as social media.

How long does the approval process take after registration?

The length of the approval process can vary, but typically partners are informed of the status of their application within a few days.